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Who is Johnny Chan?

I heard about him many times on TV, but who is he?

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John Chan in 2006 World Series of Poker at Rio Las Vegas. Photo by flipchip /
John Chan in 2006 World Series of Poker at Rio Las Vegas. Photo by flipchip /
Johnny Chan aka the “Orient Express” is a legend in the poker world. I am sure that if you are a real poker enthusiast, you will know this player from his appearance in the poker movie Rounders. The movie contained footage of Chan’s bracelet win against Erik Seidel in the final table of the 1988 World Series of Poker Main Event. He slow played the nuts on the flop and got Erik to bluff all his chips on the River. read more

How Do I Study My Poker Opponents?

I need tips on how to do this.

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In a poker table, a player does not simply mind his own playing cards. One must be as sly and cunning as a spy to gather necessary information that would guarantee an opponent’s defeat and ensure one’s victory. This can be achieved by reading opponents – noticing and paying close attention to their movements and what they do and pretty much anything else about their behavior in the poker table. Asking them information about their hand is futile. read more

When Should One Slow Down In His Poker Plays?

How is this done?

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Playing slowly in poker has a definite way of letting you win the loot. This is one of the secret strategies poker players possess, at least the successful and professional ones. The art of slowly checking and raising is a technique one should really master. There are also times that one should speed up one’s game, and knowing how to do this with perfect timing is the key.

Betting without having a good hand and playing slowly the whole time is like having a player get hit on the head with a rock for the rest of the card game. There are pointers when to slow down and speed up your playing strategy.
Only when you have an unbeatable hand or a very good hand should one player slow down a bit and relax. The importance and use of this is that you can deceive and lead your opponents to walk right into your trap, but first having the pot be grown large by the other players on the table. A good sample of this is when you hold an unbeatable hand, you are absolutely no risk when checking and raising. read more