Chinese Poker Guide

Chinese poker is a rather different game than the traditional Western poker widely played all over the world, like Texas Hold’em or Omaha and even Free Ride. In Chinese poker, instead of just five or seven cards, players are dealt 13 cards and the goal in the game is to arrange them into two hands of five cards and the last hand would for the three cards left. These are called “back,” “middle” and “front” hands; all ranked from best to worst accordingly. Chinese poker uses 52 cards and can be played by a maximum of four people. Once the players on a table agree on the stake, the cards are cut, shuffled and dealt.

Once a players are finished arranging their hands, they place their hands down on the table. When all the players have placed all their cards on the table, they are turned facing up and are compared. Since they have three hands to be compared, it is possible that a player wins one unit per hand won. In special instances, players win all the three decks, which is usually a straight flush hand, and lay it all down disregarding the 5,5,3 hand pattern, however, he must beat all the hands on the table in order to win.

There are poker standards that are missing in Chinese poker and some are not observed. There is no small blind or big blind bets here and dealers are simply selected randomly. Since players simply agree on the stakes, blinds aren’t necessary. Another thing is the betting rounds aren’t exactly observed. Players also don’t call, raise, check or fold and after arranging their cards, they head immediately to the showdown round to determine who the winner is. This game solely relies on the chance that you’ll be given a good set of cards and have the ability to arrange them to beat the rest of the players.

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