Guide On Tracking Your Poker Wins And Losses

It is quite an unknown fact that in poker there is a certain way or patter a poker player does in his game. With this, a lot of people are wishing to know the truth on how they play poker. Although it is quite narcissistic in a way, it’s also a way to assess oneself. One can’t tell by merely playing a few games, but it is very much possible.

It is a fact of nature, like the law of gravity, that in the beginning of your poker playing journey losses are bound to happen, unless you are a gifted poker player to start with, which is very unlikely either. Only in a considerable amount of time would a poker player know his game and it usually means some serious amount of time. It is important to know how well you play and the answer to that will eventually be revealed in a later time. Don’t forget, there is always room for improvement.

To start, documenting every win and loss in a poker game, including the sizes of the pot won, is the best way of determining if you truly have the skills. Think of it as filling out your resume. These are materials you need in order to measure your attributes and skills. Tracking it down is your key to success. Without it, you will never be able to determine, even guess, the extent of your capabilities.

If you truly want to be professional about it, then tracking down your winnings and losses is a must. You will also be able to use it to check your chart over time. As you go along and play poker professionally or by practicing even, you can go ahead and write down additional aspects of your game like how you felt in winning and losing, who you played against and other such details.

A wise poker player knows his stand in the game and is the only one who knows his capabilities.
Keeping track of these things will give you a boost on your poker playing skills and speed up your way to poker superstardom.

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