Guide To 5 Card Draw Poker

One of the easiest poker games to learn is 5 Card Draw and it’s also a fun way of escaping the more popular games like Texas Hold’em for a change. Here, players play their own hands and bet against each other, while at the same time have the chance to trade some of their cards for new random ones.

The player on the left of the dealer is the one who puts up the small blind followed by the player who puts up the big blind. The dealer then gives the players five cards facing down.

The player on the big blind player’s side will be the one to start the game. They have the option to fold, call the current bet or raise at least the current amounts bet. If no one places a bet, the current bet amount is equal to the value of the big blind bet.

Assuming that there are still players who haven’t folded and there’s no default winner yet after the second round, this is immediately followed by a showdown. Of course, the best hand in the showdown determines who will take the pot.

Wild Cards

In poker rooms, the Joker can be used as a wild card. Just like it says, a wild card assumes any value or suit to complete a hand. Sometimes the card counts only as a wild card in certain circumstances and it will always be indicated accordingly.

5 Card Draw Limits

Like in Texas Hold’em, there are different betting structures and these are called no limit, limit and pot limit.

No Limit

Here, the minimum value of bets is the amount of the current bet and if there are no bets in play, then it is the amount of the big blind. The maximum bet that a player can wager is only limited by the number of his chips.


There’s only a maximum of four bets per betting round and once the number of raises have been achieved, other players can only have the option of either calling or folding. Betting amounts are fixed and it follows the big blind amount.

Pot Limit

It works similarly with no limit but the maximum bet is tied to the amount of the pot money.

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