Has Anyone Heard Of A Rakeback?

What is this?

Best Answer:


A rakeback is used as rewards for players. It is some sort of incentive to have the players continue on playing since poker players often pay to enter tournaments. A part of those can be considered as rakebacks.
The popularity of online casinos has become mainstream. Online poker professionals have made rakebacks as a means to lessen their losses or increase their profits.

In cash games, they have two different ways of computing the rakeback. “Dealt” and “contributed” are the two ways to determine the amount of rakeback. Dealt is the way of awarding players the same amount of rakeback to their dealt hand, and contributed is a way of awarding players depending on their total contribution to the pot.

In poker tournaments, the calculation of rakeback differs greatly. The rakeback is then deducted from the entrance fee of the poker room.

Comps are sort of the same with rakeback, though comps is for the live-based casinos and rakebacks are most commonly known in online casinos or online poker sites.

Since there is no rakeback percentage that the online casino industry has set up, poker professionals choose very well where the best percentage can be found. This way, professional players have devised a tactic in order to earn thousands of dollars through rakebacks in a month. Of course, rakeback returns would depend on the hours of gameplay, the stakes and how many tables they are playing simultaneously.

However, not all online poker sites offer rakebacks so better be sure to check it out first if you want to earn through rakebacks. To make up for the lack of rakebacks, some sites offer VIP points or in-house loyalty programs that can be exchanged at their store or be traded for other rewards.

In some cases, taking rakes can be considered illegal if the table you are playing with is illegal and has no license or permit to proper gaming. So, it would be better to do a bit of research before taking a rake.

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