How Do I Study My Poker Opponents?

I need tips on how to do this.

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In a poker table, a player does not simply mind his own playing cards. One must be as sly and cunning as a spy to gather necessary information that would guarantee an opponent’s defeat and ensure one’s victory. This can be achieved by reading opponents – noticing and paying close attention to their movements and what they do and pretty much anything else about their behavior in the poker table. Asking them information about their hand is futile.

By paying close attention to players, one would notice at times that other players would make facial expressions giving rise to other players to read them like an open hand. One can tell by these facial expressions if they have a good card or not. Also take note of the ones who carry a poker face and those who pretend they have a bad card by frowning, when in fact they have a good hand. This vital information can help you make a decision on your next move.

One must understand that this is a game of skill, and oftentimes deceit. This is not like a game of slots where you leave it to the machine to do their thing. This is a battle of psyches and reading your opponents’ minds, taking it by the neck to your advantage. Study who bluffs often and the pattern of the bluffs. Once you have figured out the bluffing pattern, then it’s a good time to call on them or raise their bets.

Winning here is not based on just one game. Winning is done through long-term playing of continuous rounds of hands. A player can’t gather all the information needed in just one sitting. He must wait and strike at the right time. Sometimes, other players would unconsciously do something that gives away clues to their card. Study this and understand it. This will be an additional tool for you to take the pot!

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