How To Build A Massive Bankroll

This strategy is dedicated to help poker players build their bankroll and utilize poker as an enjoyable side income. Since we all love poker, why not earn from it too? Our economy is not exactly helping our situation and not only can we play to have fun, but we can also play for money.

First thing on the list is choosing a poker site. Since our goal is to earn and build your bankroll, choosing a site that has a comfortable level of play and favorable bonuses with free money promos to supplement your bankroll is a must. You should checkout 10 Best Poker Rooms which lists good and trustworthy poker rooms with great sign-up bonus offers and interesting freeroll tournaments where you can compete without risking your own money. Freeroll tournaments are one of the things that can easily pile up your chips, but we will get to that later.

Know your limits. When choosing a table or room to play in, it’s better to choose a table that has a low preset amount of blinds. The smaller the blind amounts, the less risk of having an empty bankroll quickly. The standard should be that the blind amount should determine your bankroll by 500x. Let’s say you are playing at 0.5/0.10c table, then your bankroll must contain at least $50, which is probably even covered by the bonus you received from the poker site. Even if you have lost the $50, there would still be the rest of the sign up bonus.

Also, always opt for taking the maximum buy-in for a table. If you took the minimum buy-in, then other players may assume you have less in your bankroll and may push you around in the game. They may feel you are timid or a conservative player; in turn, they would play aggressively against you.

Now, which poker games should we sit down in and make a few bucks? This will depend on our playing style and which games are we most comfortable playing. Some people might choose Texas Hold’em over Omaha or 7 Card Stud. Choose the one you will make the most profit from and a game you really love playing. Playing shouldn’t feel like you are working for the money, but rather it should feel like you are playing for fun.

Poker players should also join freeroll tournaments. Freeroll tournaments do not require buy-ins and are available by the hour in several poker rooms. Your bankroll will easily be built by these tournaments since the more frequent the freeroll tournaments are in a month, the smaller its prizes are; and the rarer the freeroll tourneys event occurs, the higher its prize.

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