How To Play Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular and exciting poker game variation there is. The game makes use of community cards and the same rules apply as in standard poker. This game is also know as Hold’em poker. Each player then receives two cards, called hole cards, dealt face down and there are five community cards faced up in the middle of the table for the players to see. The goal is to win the pot that players invest in during various betting rounds. Sometimes, there are only three community cards but the game play is generally still the same.

Players must play their best five cards using any combination of their two dealt cards or hole cards with the community cards laid out on the table. As always, the best five-card poker hand among the players wins the pot.
For a great Texas Hold’em poker game experience, head on to a reliable poker room. There you can either play for free or if you have both the means and the confidence, go ahead and wager with real money. They also offer tournaments and other contests such as freeroll tournaments in an awesome array of virtual poker rooms.

Texas Hold’em can be played by a maximum of ten players per table. Online Texas Hold’em selects a dealer randomly and a player will be flagged as the dealer. Every round thereafter or when new hands are to be dealt, the next dealer will be the next person from the dealer on the table.


What are blinds and how come we always come upon it on Hold’em poker? There are two types of blinds in Texas Hold’em: the small blind and the big blind. A small blind is placed by the player who’s on the left of the dealer. The player would have to put up a forced bet called a “small blind” which is often just half the value of a “big blind.” The big blind is given by the one on the left of the player who placed the small blind. Blind amounts are predetermined and the minimum bet to be made is always based on the big blind.

Betting Round

This is the part where players would start checking, calling and raising bets. Their skills in flopping and perhaps folding is utilized here. This is also the part where the pot money is raised. Betting goes in a clockwise order, each player taking turns. If, for instance no one raised, then players can “check.” Only the player who placed the big blind could not check, but could either call, raise or fold.

The round ends when all the players call and/or everyone folds except the raiser, leading to a default win; in which case the winner will get the pot money.

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