No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament Guide – Stealing Blinds

Stealing blinds in a poker tournament is a way to deep-stack your chips. You will have to know the right way of raising to try and win the first two bets of the hand. Doing this well will slowly add chips to build your stack. Being careless may drive you to leaving the table.

The right time to steal the blinds is when you can be the first to wager into the pot. However, if there is someone who raises or calls in front of you, then don’t attempt to steal. When stealing the blind systematically with anticipation, be the first to raise in a rather late position.

Do this often, raising first but in a rather late position. Steal earlier in the tournament, but not too early since blinds at the beginning of the tournament are significantly small as compared to the stacks of the players. Saying players start with 2000 in chips and the blinds begin at 25-50, then stealing will only gain you 50 from the blinds of the tournament chips. The best time to steal the blind is when it reaches the range of 100-200, which is a whole lot bigger than the former.

Stealing the blinds up front may spring another player with a higher hand rank to re-raise you so be careful attempting to steal from an early position. For an effective and efficient steal attempt, constantly play to no more than two spots to the right button.

Go ahead and pounce on the weak players. Picking on the weak can be a sort of strategy. Observe the players on table to find out who are conservative players and which ones are aggressive and more likely to stand by the blinds. Attempt to steal the blinds of the players you think are more willing to fold their blinds. Here, you can win pots without them putting in much of a fight.

Betting too much on steal attempts is a no-no. You only want to wager about twice or three times the big blind amount. Do this constantly with both steal hands and big hand ranks like K-K, A-A, A-J to not tip the strength of your hand. Since sometimes when making a big raise, there will be a player who will re-raise you and even force you to fold and making you lose chips. Small raises aren’t too risky, stick with it.

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