When Should One Slow Down In His Poker Plays?

How is this done?

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Playing slowly in poker has a definite way of letting you win the loot. This is one of the secret strategies poker players possess, at least the successful and professional ones. The art of slowly checking and raising is a technique one should really master. There are also times that one should speed up one’s game, and knowing how to do this with perfect timing is the key.

Betting without having a good hand and playing slowly the whole time is like having a player get hit on the head with a rock for the rest of the card game. There are pointers when to slow down and speed up your playing strategy.
Only when you have an unbeatable hand or a very good hand should one player slow down a bit and relax. The importance and use of this is that you can deceive and lead your opponents to walk right into your trap, but first having the pot be grown large by the other players on the table. A good sample of this is when you hold an unbeatable hand, you are absolutely no risk when checking and raising. read more

Video Poker Guide

Video poker has now surpassed popularity of online poker, table poker and online slots. Therefore, knowing the ins and outs of the game will keep you sharp and updated. Not only that, but video poker is such an easy and fun game to play, hence the over-the-top fame.

There are a few variations of video poker. A full-pay video poker is often called a 9/6, meaning it pays 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a straight. Others are 8/5, 7/5 and 6/5. It is always better to play at a 9/6 full-pay video poker. read more

Online Texas Hold’em Poker Guide

Playing free online Texas Hold’em doesn’t require a poker face unfortunately, and doesn’t require much on bluffing or player psychology, although, we may have to use the skills of guessing. Not just any guessing but “smart guessing”. With this tool, you can easily predict what move the other players are going to do, at the same time knowing what to do about and doing it effectively.

In an online poker table, when the first three cards are up, that’s a good time to assume that no one in the table has a good hand. Grab this opportunity to raise and try to win big. read more