What Are The Different Hands In Poker?

How are they ranked?

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Poker hands are easy to understand. Although there are rankings to follow and several variations of poker games, most of them follow the standard poker hand rule. Poker hands vary in ranks, therefore having a lower ranking hand could be beaten by higher ranking cards. Although in standard poker, the suits are of equal value; in another poker variation, suits too have rankings to prevent a draw.

Following are the different poker hands from the lowest to the highest rank: read more

What’s A Kill Game In Poker?

How is this done?

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In some variations of fixed limit betting rules, a kill game is a game played that enables the play to kill hands involving an extra blind bet and increased betting limits. In home poker games, kill games aren’t uncommon, though in certain poker rooms, this is quite infrequent and rare.

In casinos, a kill game is only introduced if someone has requested it, occasionally during certain scheduled times or events. In Texas Hold’em, kills are often used since they use community cards. Texas Hold’em uses blinds as a form of primary forced bet. However, kill games can also be applied to work with different poker variants with a tiny little bit of tweaking on the betting protocol of the game. read more

Has Anyone Heard Of A Rakeback?

What is this?

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A rakeback is used as rewards for players. It is some sort of incentive to have the players continue on playing since poker players often pay to enter tournaments. A part of those can be considered as rakebacks.
The popularity of online casinos has become mainstream. Online poker professionals have made rakebacks as a means to lessen their losses or increase their profits.

In cash games, they have two different ways of computing the rakeback. “Dealt” and “contributed” are the two ways to determine the amount of rakeback. Dealt is the way of awarding players the same amount of rakeback to their dealt hand, and contributed is a way of awarding players depending on their total contribution to the pot. read more