Know How Much To Bet In Poker

The art of betting is a skill considered very important in poker. It may sound just like child’s play or part of the game, but betting is where one can play it cool, bluff it off and have players fold on you. All poker professionals acquired the ability to make the correct betting amount when deemed necessary, especially in games like no limit Texas Hold’em poker.

Like standard operating procedure in certain systems, begin playing poker in an aggressive manner, making strong bets and making it clear to other players you’re not there to simply play. If you start off timid and cough up weak bets, this will often give you little to no leverage in the game and even prevent you from gathering much needed information from other players. So, it’s standard procedure to make it a point in the beginning to make strong bets and be aggressive. This will give you certain information you can use against your opponents and also to protect your hand. read more

Guide To 5 Card Draw Poker

One of the easiest poker games to learn is 5 Card Draw and it’s also a fun way of escaping the more popular games like Texas Hold’em for a change. Here, players play their own hands and bet against each other, while at the same time have the chance to trade some of their cards for new random ones.

The player on the left of the dealer is the one who puts up the small blind followed by the player who puts up the big blind. The dealer then gives the players five cards facing down.

The player on the big blind player’s side will be the one to start the game. They have the option to fold, call the current bet or raise at least the current amounts bet. If no one places a bet, the current bet amount is equal to the value of the big blind bet. read more

How Should I Minimize My Bluffing In Texas Hold’em?

How should bluffing be effectively utilized in a poker game?

Best Answer:

One important thing to take with you in a poker table is a poker face. Psychological warfare is the name of the game. Poker players, be it aggressive, conservative or donkeys, come in one table and try to bring each other down in order to get the pot.

One of the tools used to win in poker is by “bluffing.” By bluffing, players may gain advantage by using deception if used correctly. But, misusing this tool will bring nothing but loopholes for opponents to take advantage of and turn the tables. Understanding your opponents’ playing style will also help you prevent using bluffing excessively. read more