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How To Build A Massive Bankroll

This strategy is dedicated to help poker players build their bankroll and utilize poker as an enjoyable side income. Since we all love poker, why not earn from it too? Our economy is not exactly helping our situation and not only can we play to have fun, but we can also play for money.

First thing on the list is choosing a poker site. Since our goal is to earn and build your bankroll, choosing a site that has a comfortable level of play and favorable bonuses with free money promos to supplement your bankroll is a must. You should checkout 10 Best Poker Rooms which lists good and trustworthy poker rooms with great sign-up bonus offers and interesting freeroll tournaments where you can compete without risking your own money. Freeroll tournaments are one of the things that can easily pile up your chips, but we will get to that later. read more

Has Anyone Heard Of A Rakeback?

What is this?

Best Answer:


A rakeback is used as rewards for players. It is some sort of incentive to have the players continue on playing since poker players often pay to enter tournaments. A part of those can be considered as rakebacks.
The popularity of online casinos has become mainstream. Online poker professionals have made rakebacks as a means to lessen their losses or increase their profits.

In cash games, they have two different ways of computing the rakeback. “Dealt” and “contributed” are the two ways to determine the amount of rakeback. Dealt is the way of awarding players the same amount of rakeback to their dealt hand, and contributed is a way of awarding players depending on their total contribution to the pot. read more