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What Does HORSE Stand For?

What is this exactly?

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This is a type of poker commonly played at casinos’ high stakes tables. It consists of rounds playing and cycling among Hold’em, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz, Stud, Stud Eight or better.

Suicide King

There are a lot of games played at the high stakes tables in the casinos and some of them are simply a combination of different poker games. One of them is HORSE. Now, Horse is a poker game comprising of different types of poker games all played in a cycle of rounds. read more

Is There Such A Thing As Dead Money In Poker?

How would you define it?

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In poker, it does not necessarily mean dead literally. Dead money simply means the amount of money placed in the pot other than the equal amounts bet by the remaining active players.

For those who have folded, the money they have contributed is considered to be dead money. On the other hand, there’s also a thing like a dead blind which is a blind posted by a player returning to a game after missing the blinds or an odd chip left in the pot from a previous deal. read more

Guide On Tracking Your Poker Wins And Losses

It is quite an unknown fact that in poker there is a certain way or patter a poker player does in his game. With this, a lot of people are wishing to know the truth on how they play poker. Although it is quite narcissistic in a way, it’s also a way to assess oneself. One can’t tell by merely playing a few games, but it is very much possible.

It is a fact of nature, like the law of gravity, that in the beginning of your poker playing journey losses are bound to happen, unless you are a gifted poker player to start with, which is very unlikely either. Only in a considerable amount of time would a poker player know his game and it usually means some serious amount of time. It is important to know how well you play and the answer to that will eventually be revealed in a later time. Don’t forget, there is always room for improvement. read more