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When Should One Slow Down In His Poker Plays?

How is this done?

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Playing slowly in poker has a definite way of letting you win the loot. This is one of the secret strategies poker players possess, at least the successful and professional ones. The art of slowly checking and raising is a technique one should really master. There are also times that one should speed up one’s game, and knowing how to do this with perfect timing is the key.

Betting without having a good hand and playing slowly the whole time is like having a player get hit on the head with a rock for the rest of the card game. There are pointers when to slow down and speed up your playing strategy.
Only when you have an unbeatable hand or a very good hand should one player slow down a bit and relax. The importance and use of this is that you can deceive and lead your opponents to walk right into your trap, but first having the pot be grown large by the other players on the table. A good sample of this is when you hold an unbeatable hand, you are absolutely no risk when checking and raising. read more

What’s A Kill Game In Poker?

How is this done?

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In some variations of fixed limit betting rules, a kill game is a game played that enables the play to kill hands involving an extra blind bet and increased betting limits. In home poker games, kill games aren’t uncommon, though in certain poker rooms, this is quite infrequent and rare.

In casinos, a kill game is only introduced if someone has requested it, occasionally during certain scheduled times or events. In Texas Hold’em, kills are often used since they use community cards. Texas Hold’em uses blinds as a form of primary forced bet. However, kill games can also be applied to work with different poker variants with a tiny little bit of tweaking on the betting protocol of the game. read more

Is There Such A Thing As Dead Money In Poker?

How would you define it?

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In poker, it does not necessarily mean dead literally. Dead money simply means the amount of money placed in the pot other than the equal amounts bet by the remaining active players.

For those who have folded, the money they have contributed is considered to be dead money. On the other hand, there’s also a thing like a dead blind which is a blind posted by a player returning to a game after missing the blinds or an odd chip left in the pot from a previous deal. read more