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Online Texas Hold’em Poker Guide

Playing free online Texas Hold’em doesn’t require a poker face unfortunately, and doesn’t require much on bluffing or player psychology, although, we may have to use the skills of guessing. Not just any guessing but “smart guessing”. With this tool, you can easily predict what move the other players are going to do, at the same time knowing what to do about and doing it effectively.

In an online poker table, when the first three cards are up, that’s a good time to assume that no one in the table has a good hand. Grab this opportunity to raise and try to win big. read more

Three Important Principles In Hold’em Poker

In real life, and for those who want to take poker to the professional level, there are three things one should know in playing Texas Hold’em Poker. Poker experts have crafted and refined poker strategies in the last decade and here are three principles to help a poker player improve his poker skills. By following and learning by heart these basic principles, a poker player could win more and lose less in the process.

First Principle: Minimize Risk

It is a fact in playing for money in poker that there are certain risks to be dealt with. It is like investing on a company where you may get rich or go bankrupt. That is why it is very logical to minimize one’s risk in playing. If one is playing cautiously, then that person is playing poker wisely. A way to minimize one’s risk is to pick better hands to play. Better odds only means lower risks and you need to know when you are beat. Laying down cards may be hard because of the chip investments one has made, however, the mark of a good poker player can be observed on the lay-downs he has done. read more

How To Play Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular and exciting poker game variation there is. The game makes use of community cards and the same rules apply as in standard poker. This game is also know as Hold’em poker. Each player then receives two cards, called hole cards, dealt face down and there are five community cards faced up in the middle of the table for the players to see. The goal is to win the pot that players invest in during various betting rounds. Sometimes, there are only three community cards but the game play is generally still the same. read more